Feb 25, 2012

Masala paneer wheels

Today is Saturday. My mind associates weekends with getting up late in morning, making & eating good food and visiting new places and pataoing my hubby to let me shop…

I wanted to make something special. Opened my fridge and saw had nice ripe tomatoes, capsicum and fresh paneer. I wanted to bake something in the oven and decided to make bread with the stuff  in my pantry.

A)    For the Dough
·         1 cup warm water
·         1 tsp sugar
·         1 ½ tsp active dry yeast
·         1 tsp salt
·         2 tbsp + 1 tbsp olive oil
.         1 tbsp kasoori methi  
.         3 cups all purpose flour (maida) 

B)    For the stuffing
·         1 tbsp oil
·         1 tsp jeera
·         Pinch of asafetida
·         1 large onion ( chopped)
·         ½ cup capsicum (chopped)
·         ½ cup tomatoes (chopped)
·         1 cup paneer
·         ½ tsp turmeric
·         1 tsp garam masala
·         1 tsp amchur
·         1 tbsp dhania pwd
·         2 tsp red chilly pwd
·         Salt ( to taste)

Method :

1.      In a mixing bowl, combine Warm Water, Yeast and Sugar. Water should be warm and not hot, as it might kill the yeast. So just microwave water for 30 secs. Sugar is added as food for yeast to grow on. After adding yeast in sugar water mix, we need to wait for 5- 10 mins till the top becomes frothy, as this indicates the yeast has been proofed.
2.      In the same mixing bowl, combine above mixture with All-Purpose Flour,kasoori methi, 2 tbsp oil and salt and knead into dough for 4 to 5 minutes, until dough is smooth and elastic. Apply 1 tbsp oil on the surface of dough and cover the dough with wet towel and let it rest in warm place for about an hour till the dough rises to double.
3.      In the meantime, prepare your ingredients for stuffing, chopping all the vegetables & paneer.
4.      Heat oil in a nonstick pan. Once the oil is hot, add jeera & asafetida.
5.      Now add onion, capsicum & tomatoes and sauté for 2-3 mins. Then add paneer and all the spices & salt and mix for more 2 mins. Cool the stuffing which is ready. There is no need to cook all the vegetables completely. We just need to half cook vegetables and sauté paneer for 2 mins, as it will be baked in oven later on.

6.      Now after 1 hour is done and our dough is nice fluffed up, you can remove all your frustrations by punching the dough.. हवा निकाल दो &^#$%^* की ;)
7.      Wanna feel more happy, take a big fat बेलन (rolling pin) and roll the dough out into rectangle. I didn’t need any extra flour for rolling, but you could use some if desired.
 8.  Spread the stuffing evenly on the rolled out dough, all the way to edges & start rolling the dough tightly into a log.

 9.   Take sharp knife & cut the log into 8 equal pieces.
10.  Grease the baking dish (Mine is 11’’x11”) & place the wheels. Cover with a wet cloth & and wait for another 1 hour for them to rise. 

In that one hour we had ice candies, which felt so nice in warm afternoon with no current in our house. Neil took both the ice candies and licks them saying “गाआर ”

11.  Now 1 hour is almost done and I am worried my wheels are gonna raise but I cant bake them ( no current) and I start praying. But I guess God himself couldn't wait to try these spicy wheels so he listens to my prayers and after 1 hour 5 mins, current comes…

12.  With a big smile on my face I rush to my kitchen and preheat the oven to 200 C and bake the wheels for 20 mins till the top is light brown.

Cant wait to remove them from oven.. Once out, applied some butter on the top and had them with Maggi hot & sweet tomato sauce..

For the non veg version:
Add boneless chicken cut into small cubes and cook the chicken completely on the stove top and add to onion,capsicum,tomato mixture

Enjoy the weekend…..


  1. hey angira.....its really wonderful and tempting to read ur recipes..it shows ur keen interest in cooking . love the way u have put it down and the combintion of colours....waiting for a weekend where i will feel the same as u..on seeing ripe tomatoes in my fridge:)

    1. Thanks rekha.. you r a great cook, so your recipes will turn out great. i have seen lots of your recipe pics on fb. why dont you send me pictures and recipes , which i can post on teh site for all of us to refer


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