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Hey friends,
I am Angira Tendulkar ,currently in bangalore spending my time cooking with my baby.. As u can guess from the name.. its cooking with baby.. that's my 15 month old son naughty Neil. Nowadays its Neil who has taken control of my kitchen,, he rearranges my utensils and grocery anywhere and everywhere in the house.. He is fond of food and i love cooking for him and my dear hubby who eats anything I cook with a smile on his face ( and sometimes ulta smiley behind my back ;) )
Here you will find recipes for babies and toddlers, baking(my new obsession), zhatpat food for busy moms, my food experiments gone right and traditional recipes from my family (all amazing cooks in the house, so thought why not take advantage)
We will be blogging in recipes in short and sweet manner with me trying to find ingredients and neil trying to hide them.. its gonna be fun
Welcome to my world with me n neil trying to satisfy your taste buds
5uyy hjk vbhjh---- Neil says welcummm.
Update 7/7/14
Neil is now a 4 year old going to school and I am in search of finding new ways to make and present his lunchbox. I will be trying to include ways to make lunchbox recipes which kids will love. We have shifted to Pune now wherein I have started my dental clinic. So I was not so regular in posting recipes past year, but now I will be regular with recipes to  cook for children and with children...


  1. wow Angie its Ban...this is really great...congrats!!!
    keep cooking and making new recipes.

    1. Thanks dear, i hope you make India trip soon,, gotta learn so many recipes from you.

  2. Coming over from DB's site. Glad to expand my Indian Bloggie circle :D.
    Nice collection you have here. and Neil is simply adorable.
    Have a nice day!

    1. Thank you so much for adding me to ur bloggie circle..
      Visited your blog and was happy to see many baking recipes which will try soon..


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