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Its very encouraging and feels very good when you all visit this blog and leave your comments.This page will feature  your pictures of recipes from the blog. Also, I would like you to make requests for any recipes you want here. As you all must have figured out by now, I love experimenting and try out new things and which have different names., So if you land up on something different and interesting, do let me know and I will try make those recipes

  • Watermelon Mojito by Manisha Phadake


  1. Hi Angira! Tried the hummus and it was yummmmmy!! I had it with everything possible- bread, chapati...and even plain hummus! :)
    Could you soon post a good recipe for mushroom risotto with ingredients that are easily available as well as one for a good baked cheesecake, preferably using the cooker as I don't have an oven?

    1. Thats really great.I am so glad you liked it. I am hunting for a recipe for risotto as we cant find arborio rice here, so wanna find a good substitute... I have on my mind for a long time no bake cheesecake made from ingredients avaiable here... so that will come up really soon for u dear...


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